Design system from control rooms to marketing sites

ABB is a global technology leader with a 100+ digital products and an increasing. Establishing a company-wide design system to humanize the technology while at the same time developing coherent, powerful, and enabling solutions provide lasting and meaningful experiences to customers.

Design System - Abdul Wahid Portfolio

From communications to control room applications using the same design system

It is vital to build a Design System that covers the user’s journey from the communications to the most specialized control room application. Obviously the needs will be vastly different along the way, but elegant use of visual lanaguage ensure that we keep the overall experience similar along the touchpoints.

My part

User Research


Mobile Apps
Responsive Web
Desktop Applications
Embedded Applications


Lead designer (Me)
10 members
(designer, developers, product owner)


Design system components

The industry domain was seeking ways to simplify and align its digital offering.

As digitalization is influencing even the most complex areas of the industrial domains in an ever-increasing pace, established technology pioneers like ABB were looking for new ways to take their digital offering to the next level when it comes to the ease of use and consistency in brand experience.

A Mindset Shift

By involving users in an iterative process that embraces open discussions, rapid feedback and reviews, introduce and motivate the use of new collaborative ways of working within the central design system team and key stakeholders.

A Design System
Transition from a standard UI Style guide to a comprehensive Design System to be used to harmonize and improve all ABB Digital offering.


ABB has hundreds of digital products available worldwide.

A collaboration between the different product teams and stakeholders has led to the development of north-start products.

All efforts went toward developing a consistent design language across all application domains from mining to factory automation and consumer solutions to the home and beyond.



Be clear and purposeful to achieve absolute comprehension and predictability. Successful interaction inspires confidence and leads to commitment.

Empower users by addressing their true needs alongside accommodating technical requirements. Consider all users, in all contexts, to enable seamless efficiency that drives extensive adoption.

Aim to reduce strain and promote the feeling of control by applying familiar solutions, to recurring challenges.

Enhance and support functionality with a thoughtfully considered appearance that influences people and improves perception of affordance.

Design system team

The Design system team leads the vision building and guidance of user experience design principles at ABB. The team consists of professionals with different backgrounds and nationalities who are experts from the fields of interaction design, graphic user interface design, and frontend development.

The team’s goal is to provide support for the company’s 20+ business units in their UX design, help business units to establish their own competences in UX design, and to proactively promote the adoption of human-centered design approach.

The team also moderates the community of Designers; it is a community consisting of in-house designers providing peer support, best practices and knowledge sharing, and the body for the collaboration in design related matters internally.

Responsive design system, Density theme.



Product teams


Component implementations





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