Fitness mobile app Research, Analysis & Design

An app that motivates beginners and exercise enthusiasts to stay motivated and make exercise a habit, so they stick with it.

Fitness mobile app Research, Analysis & Design

Three critical pillars for this project are the User, the Competitors, and the Stakeholders.

The road to design innovation is supported by three main elements: aesthetics, functionality, and value for money.

The first thing I wanted was an in-depth understanding of how people perceived wellness and health.
I researched the needs, motivations, and lifestyles of the users I intended to design.

My part

User Research


Mobile iOS


Lead designer (Me)
iOS developer
Product Owner


The greatest challenge is to focus and perform exercises consistently and not lose interest after a while.
Most users are using different apps to track their fitness activity for practices and meal planning. People lose interest after a while since it becomes so difficult to use multiple applications and keep track of them.

Design Objective


Motivate uses to stick to exercises and stay physically active by challenges.

Maintain a regular self-reflection and self-monitoring routine and keep track of user progress.

Inspire user to participate in challenges and social events as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle

Teaching the user about fitness, nutrition, and calories will provide them with a better understanding of the concepts


Research & Discovery

+ Brief & Problem statement
+ Competitive Analysis
+ User Personas
+ User Interviews
+ Qualitative & Quantitative

Interaction Design

+ Information Architecture
+ User Flow
+ Journey Map

Visual Design

+ Sketch & Wireframes
+ Mood board
+ Design
+ Prototype


Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis provides insights into the features, functions, flows, and feelings your competitors' products evoke. By understanding these aspects of your competitors' products, you are able to strategically design your solution for a superior product and/or experience.

The fitness industry has good apps available in the market, so I started with competitive analysis. I analyzed three apps iPhone fitness, Strava, and Runkeeper.

Competitive Analysis Fitness app

User Personas

Conducted user research and interviews to develop personas and empathy maps. Recognized the pain points of users and their goals towards the App to validated my solutions.

User Personas
User Personas

Qualitative & Quantitative Interviews

Research questions were designed to gain greater insight into how people perceive health and wellness, their needs, motivations, and lifestyles. The research has revealed high-level findings.


Calculating body vitals while exercising


Wearable and auto tracking

New exciting challenges

Social challenge


Information Architecture

The next step involved observing how target audience members would sort content items into different categories. To do this, I used Trello to run the "Closed card sort" task, and I asked participants to categorize these cards into the categories that made the most sense to them.

Information Architecture




Fitness Iphone app sketches

Interface Design

App icons
Fitness mobile app - Abdul Portfolio

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