Research, Analysis & Design for Smart Home Apps

All-in-one Smart home application for smart devices in the modern home. It gives homeowners complete control of their smart homes from a mobile device, such as checking if a window has been left open, turning off lights, or adjusting room temperatures.

All-in-one Smart home application for smart devices in the modern home. It gives homeowners complete control of their smart homes from a mobile device

My Part

User Research
Design & Prototyping
Usability Testing


Mobile iOS & Android
Tablet iOS & Android
Watch OS, Android


Lead designer (Me)
Product Owner
External Design and Development Agency


Smart Home App Design case study- Abdul Sial Portfolio

A recent product survey indicated that users were dissatisfied with the app and had several designs and technical issues.

App store rating stands at 2.0 with quite a few negative comments.

The market and technology have significantly evolved since our last mobile app release.


Technology & the market have evolved since a few years ago.

Use the app less, automate more.

User comfort & ease in everyday life.

Intuitive should be easy to use and learn.

Users should be able to modify settings to make the most out of the app.


+ Alignment Workshop
+ Competitive Analysis
+ Design explorations
+ Design approach


+ Information Architecture
+ User Flow & Journey
+ Visual Design
+ Prototype


+ Design system
+ Handover
+ Develop - QT
+ Usability testing
+ Loop

Alignment workshop

Alignment Workshop

Since the smart home app was the first product that applied the new modern, digital product experience, it was essential to enable smooth collaboration between the product team and design system team, and the branding team.

First, a few joined workshops within teams, and then there was close co-design work that continued over three months. One of the enablers for rapid progress was the excellent collaboration among the designers and developers. Figma tool had a tremendous role in this knowledge transformation as it offers efficient and easy-to-use real-time collaboration features.

Outcome of Branding workshop

One Powerful Idea
Clarity of purpose and the benefit to the consumer.

Unique personality of the  product/experience.

Relentless pursuit of creating friction-free experiences.

Simplifying, perfecting, and stripping down to the essential.

Closed Card Sort

Closed card sorting

I have gained vital insights by testing existing Information Architecture. Able to identified what’s working well and what’s not. It allowed me to clearly present the bird’s eye view for all the team members.

– The user has to open each control to determine in which room it is located.

– The exercise revealed that users see their home from the physical perspective rather than controls and devices.

The next step involved observing how target audience members would sort content items into different categories. To do this, I used Trello to run the "Closed card sort" task, and I asked participants to categorize these cards into the categories that made the most sense to them.

Information Architecture

Using the card sorting results, a new version of the Information Architecture and User Flows was created.

Information Architecture for smart home app


Interface Design


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